Who we Are

Team Antwerpen

 Welcome to Skanski


 Nestled in the embracing warmth of Antwerp, Belgium, Skanski Skincare sprouts from a heartfelt philosophy that your beauty and wellness blossom intrinsically from within. To our cherished community of women who have graced the world with your presence and wisdom for 35 to 60 splendid years - this is your haven of self-love and gentle, efficacious self-care.

Our Heartbeat

With Skanski, you're enveloping yourself in more than just skincare - you're becoming part of a tenderly cultivated journey, where each step is an homage to your beautiful evolution. Our creations mirror nature’s harmonious rhythms, supporting your graceful aging and enveloping you in optimal, compassionate wellness.

Your Personal Potion of Purity and Care

In each drop of our lovingly formulated products, we blend rigorous standards of efficacy with a delicate caress of nurturing. The ingredients, each researched and respected for their unique properties, whisper to your skin a tale of protection, nourishment, and restoration.

  • Sustainably sourced and, when possible, upcycled ingredients sing a lullaby to your skin and to our earth.
  • Our blends of organic, cold-pressed, and refined botanical oils and extracts offer the highest quality, always.
  • With predominantly vegan-friendly and steadfastly cruelty-free products, we stand firmly against animal testing.
  • Your skin is enveloped in natural purity, free from any toxic, harmful ingredients and synthetic fragrances.

These products, made in intimate batches in Denmark and the UK, ensure that each bottle you cradle in your hands is as fresh and potent as nature intended.

Eco Luxe: Your Ethical Embrace of Beauty

In your hands, luxury and ethical beauty meld into a tender embrace of balance and harmony. Your choices with Skanski reflect a beauty that’s in serene equilibrium with yourself, our planet, and the encompassing ecosystems.

  • Ethical Beauty: Immerse yourself in the safe, natural, and sustainable with our conscientiously sourced ingredients.
  • Philanthropy: As we are graciously given by nature and communities, so too do we give back, intertwining our journey with moral and social responsibility.
  • Transparency: With open hearts, we share everything about our ingredients and labeling, ensuring you're informed and cherished.
  • Conscious Choices: Revel in beauty rituals that honor our planet, featuring recyclable packaging and a mindful reduction of plastic use.

Meet Your Skanski Family: Unified by the Gentle Power of Nature

With open arms, the Skanski Team invites you into a world where your skin’s natural beauty is tenderly uplifted and celebrated through nature’s gentle power. In this sacred space, every drop of our formulations is a testament to nurture, honor, and lovingly uphold your timeless beauty.