Understanding the Harm of Microplastics in Our Environment.

In today's world, when sustainability and environmental preservation are more important than ever, Skanski is at the forefront of the fight against one of contemporary society's silent threats: microplastics. These tiny particles, which are sometimes imperceptible to the naked eye, have found their way into a wide range of products, including the clothes we wear and the cosmetics we use every day. Microplastics, especially microbeads, are particularly popular in the cosmetics industry due to their texture-enhancing and cost-effective filler qualities. However, the environmental and health consequences of these minuscule elements are just too high to ignore.

Flow plastics from skincare


The environmental impact of microplastics

Microplastics are especially dangerous because of their persistence in the environment. Once in our rivers, they are nearly tough to eradicate. These tiny particles can travel long distances, eventually entering seas, lakes, and rivers. Marine life ingests these particles, mistaking them for food, resulting in a chain reaction of negative consequences for the food chain. As microplastics collect in the bodies of aquatic creatures, they not only hurt marine species but also pose a risk to human health as polluted organisms move up the food chain and potentially wind up on our plates.

The health implications
The consequences of microplastic contamination go beyond environmental degradation, causing serious health hazards to humans. According to studies, microplastics can carry harmful contaminants and toxins that, once taken up by marine life, can enter the human body through eating fish and shellfish. These contaminants are known to affect endocrine systems, causing reproductive and developmental problems, among other health concerns.

Skanski's commitment to a microplastic-free future.
Skanski is dedicated to developing skincare solutions that are both effective and environmentally responsible. We recognize the negative impact that microplastics have on our environment and our health, which is why our products are designed without hazardous microbeads or microplastics. By selecting natural and sustainable alternatives, we hope to lessen our environmental impact and create a healthier, cleaner world.

Join us in the fight against microplastics.
We think that change starts with awareness and action. Supporting microplastic-free brands and products helps to reduce pollution and protect marine habitats. Skanski welcomes you to join us in this critical effort for sustainability and environmental stewardship. Together, we can make a major difference in the health of our world and future generations.


Skanski Team
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