Skincare Packaging

Our Pledge to the Planet: Sustainable Packaging

Skanski is dedicated to maintaining the beauty of our earth through sustainable practices, in addition to developing natural skin care solutions. Understanding the environmental significance of packaging, we've made substantial efforts to ensure that all Skanski goods are packaged in eco-friendly materials. Our commitment to sustainability is represented in every package, carton, and bottle, allowing you to enjoy your skincare routine without guilt.

Environmentally Friendly Materials for a Greener Tomorrow
FSC-certified packaging: Skanski has opted to package its products with materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification confirms that our boxes and containers are sourced from ethically managed forests, preserving the ecosystem's health and biodiversity. By selecting FSC-certified packaging, we help to promote sustainable forest management and worldwide reforestation.

Chemical-Free Printing: In order to limit our environmental impact, Skanski uses chemical-free inks for printing on all packaging. This method not only reduces the amount of chemicals released into the environment, but it also protects both our consumers and the world.

Reusable and Recyclable Materials: To emphasize the necessity of a circular economy, our packaging is intended to be either reusable or easily recyclable. We're committed to lowering landfill impacts with everything from long-lasting containers that may be reused in your house to recyclable plastics that minimize trash.

The Transition to Glass Bottles: Recognizing the need for even more environmentally friendly packaging options, Skanski is gradually incorporating glass bottles into our product line. Glass, a recyclable and non-toxic material, is consistent with our vision of a more environmentally friendly future.

Innovative Packaging: Biodegradable and Digital Solutions
Biodegradable Packaging Chips: Our commitment to innovation is seen in our use of packaging chips made entirely of biodegradable maize. These naturally dissolvable solutions provide great shipping protection for our products while minimizing environmental impact, dissolving quickly and leaving no trace.

Energy-Efficient Software Systems: In an effort to reduce paper waste, Skanski has integrated energy-efficient software systems for digital invoice and receipt processing. This not only reduces our reliance on paper but also improves the efficiency of our operations, resulting in a reduction in our overall carbon footprint.

Why Does Sustainable Packaging Matter?
In an age when environmental problems are more pressing than ever, embracing sustainable packaging is a step toward a healthier planet. It demonstrates our dedication to not only current but future generations, ensuring that we leave a planet worth living in. Supporting firms that focus eco-friendly packaging contributes to a more sustainable consumption trend.

Join Skanski on our sustainable journey.
We invite you to join us on our path of innovation and improvement in sustainability practices. Every Skanski product you purchase contributes to a more sustainable future for both your skin and the earth. We can make a difference, one shipment at a time.