Environment & Sustainability Policy

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Since Skanski was founded, our founders have been aware of how the products we manufacture and sell interact with the environment.

Environmental issues are at the heart of our company and are reflected in the decisions we make every day. For example, we do not use mineral oil because we believe that forests make our lives richer than oil fields. We stay up-to-date with the law and welcome new regulations that really reduce our impact.

We are happy to support environmental groups that engage in creative direct action to help change laws. We are committed to using our purchasing power to drive positive change and become more sustainable as we grow.

We believe that protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, including all our partners and customers.

We believe in a future that promotes the protection and sustainability of our finite natural resources. We stand against the destruction of biodiversity and harming natural habitats that causes ecological imbalances within the ecosystems.

We are committed to sourcing the finest quality ingredients with respect to the planet, ecosystems and positive human impact.

We believe in innovation and advanced technologies where merging science with nature is the future of sustainability.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable from the glass bottles to the cardboard boxes. We are also committed to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic where we can.

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